The Trusted Private Investigation Agency

by | Nov 8, 2021

Do you need a private eye for personal or commercial purposes? If so, look no other than Villareal & Associates, LLC in Irving, TX. We’re a professional private investigation company that helps you in your pursuit of truth. We have been in the industry for quite some time and our public and private connections will help you in your investigatory journey. Here are the services that we offer:

Private Investigation

Are you suspicious that an individual is doing something fishy? Perhaps you want to know what your staff is doing all throughout the day? Or you want to know where your partner goes after every work. All of these can be within our reach in no time. Book our private investigation agency if you need urgent and sensitive info about someone’s action or whereabouts. However, as a licensed and registered company, we don’t condone illegal actions. You can ensure that your safety, identity, and privacy is safe with us!

 Credit Investigation

Are you running a lending or loan service? If so, let our private investigation detective do all the search for your potential clients. We have a lot of connections to almost all financial institutions in the area. This way, we’ll know if your client has the ability to repay their credits in due time.

 Background Checks

Hiring someone can be a hassle, especially when you’re filling in a higher position. Don’t just hire anyone just because you’re in a hurry. Leave the work to us. Our private investigation agent will exhaust all of our resources just to find the true profile of your candidate.

 Employment Screening

Want to ensure that you’re not hiring a criminal, gangsters, mafia, drug lords, and ex-convicts? Our professional process serving expert will benefit you.

 Asset Searches

Want to collect all data and information regarding your assets? Leave the job to our professional process server. We have connections to institutions to complete our task quickly.

 Missing Person

Are you trying to find a missing person? Doing it alone is like finding a needle in a whole haystack of needles. Leave the complicated and stressful job to our local private detective.

Villareal & Associates, LLC is the professional private investigation service provider in Irving, TX that can help your life and job easier. Contact us at (214) 596-1585 for quests and missions! We serve the areas!