The Private Investigator That Delivers Timely Results

Investigations allow you to obtain information which you can’t find in the public records. People conduct them to uncover fraudulent activities and catch a cheating spouse or a misbehaving employee. Conducting a whole investigation by yourself isn’t easy to do. Proper resources are crucial to get the job done well. You hire a private investigator to track a criminal in your area now.

Many people assume that conducting an investigation is effortless to do. Remember that you’re dealing with dangerous people who can harm you and your loved ones. It’s best if you work with someone who can go undetected. Finding a reputable investigative agency in the area is easy. Villareal & Associates, LLC is the company that you can call in Irving, TX if you want to hire a reliable private investigator.

Our agency has more than 20 years of experience doing detective work. We conduct a wide selection of investigative services that address your unique needs. Find out more about your new employees with our employee screening services. If you suspect that your spouse is seeing someone else, you book our spousal misconduct service. Our credit approval service will let you know more about a client’s detailed credit history easily.

Whether it’s a process server service or an asset searches services, our agency has the proper resources to provide our clients with detailed reports all the time. Our investigators are masters in the art of conducting investigations. We have the connections and the knowledge to gather pertinent information for your case. Our agency gives timely and accurate reports to you.

If you’re searching for a reputable private investigator, Villareal & Associates, LLC is the agency that you should call. Our company operates 24/7 so all your investigative needs are addressed. We go above and beyond to provide our clients with impeccable results. To avail of our special discounts, contact (214) 596-1585 or visit our office located at Irving, TX right now!