Private Investigation Services, When to Hire Them

Police Versus Private Investigators: What Is the Difference?

At first glance, it seems like police investigators and private investigation services perform similar work. There are some areas where they do overlap, these two professions are very different. So, before you hire a private investigator, you should first understand what they are allowed to do.

What Does a Private Investigator Do?

Before examining the differences between the two, you should first understand what a private investigator does. Their work is fact-finding for personal, legal, financial, or other such matters. This could mean performing background checks, locating missing persons, or investigating fraud. Most are self-employed, while others work for law firms, insurance companies, government bodies, or private investigation firms. You may also wonder if private investigators work with police? The answer is yes, they do on occasion. They collect evidence that is used in court, perform surveillance and search records. In short, if you want to know more about an individual, or an organization, hiring a private investigator is your best choice.

How Does Their Work Differ From The Police?

Although private investigators have been known to work with the police, their work is generally totally different. Police investigators will only investigate crimes, whereas a private investigator will generally look into civil and other matters. When a police investigator starts to gather evidence, they are doing so to either find a suspect or to build a case for it to go to court. Their aim is to solve crimes and help the court prosecute criminals by providing evidence. A private investigator does perform similar work, however, will generally focus on gathering information for their client’s needs. Furthermore, most private investigators will not deal with the criminal side.

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