Missing Persons Investigations

A Knowledgeable Private Investigator Explains

People get separated for many different reasons – adoption, marriage, death, illnesses, and much more. When one gets separated from a sister, parent, or lover, endless pain and sorrow take place. If you are in a similar situation, do not hesitate and hire a private investigator to help you find your loved one. What do you need to know about missing person investigation cases?
When it comes to missing persons due to kidnapping, murder, or simply escaping from home, the statistics are pretty scary – almost 800,000 people are reported missing in the FBI’s National Crime Information Center. And those are the figures only of the people reported missing. Nobody knows the real number of the people who go missing annually. One of the biggest problems the police face when working on such cases is that a person or a child is only considered missing after a certain amount of time they were last seen. But by that time, it might be too late for an individual to be found alive at all, especially if the police is working with a pedophile or child killer. Police rarely come out with any positive results due to the limitations police officers have when looking for missing individuals. Besides, if they don’t find them, after a specific amount of time, they will stop searching and declare the case as a cold case.

This is where private investigators come to the rescue. Are they a better alternative and do they offer secure help? Of course, specialists are categorical. Back in history, there are cases when investigators have found fugitives, long lost family members, old friends, etc. First of all, those effective agents have a number of different vehicles to do their searches. Most of them are former police or military officers who have the necessary training and skills in missing person investigations. Furthermore, they are masters of disguise. They use a great number of tools, materials, and personal belongings to achieve their final goal.

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